The world is a mess - EP (CD)

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Cover_The WorldIsAMess.jpeg

The world is a mess - EP (CD)

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Recorded in only 2 days at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, "The World Is a Mess" is an ambitious EP fueled by the love for acoustic music.

The 6 songs are sparsely instrumented, mostly acoustic guitar and the marvelous Steinway of Studio 3, leaving room for the voice and the backing vocals.

The result is a haunting and emotional journey from the melodic “Multiple Colours” to the touching “The world is a mess”, dedicated to the 2 children of the songwriter.


  1. Brave & Bold
  2. December
  3. Multiple Colours
  4. Shadow & Light
  5. The World is a Mess
  6. The Worst in Me
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