everything is temporary - album (CD)


everything is temporary - album (CD)

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"everything is temporary" has been a long and charging musical project. Recorded in the UK at the legendary Real World Studios, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium, these 11 songs have traveled far even before their release.

A large number of talented musicians and singers contributed to the music in this recording, like Sarah Bettens (K's Choice), Serge Tonnar (Legotrip), Deborah Lehnen (Birdbones), David Moreira (Eternal Tango), Michel Guillaume (Vintage Gigolos), Jim Brimeyer (Blue Room) and Claudine Muno.

What is remarkable about "everything is temporary" is its musical variety. From Rock (Everything is Temporary) over independent folk (You are Missing) to large string arrangements (Say what's on your Mind), this album shows the multiple facets of prolific singer-songwriter Daniel Balthasar and his band.


  1. Everything is temporary
  2. Away
  3. Say what’s on your mind
  4. Change
  5. To the start
  6. I knew this ship was sinking from the start
  7. Parallel universe
  8. Another word
  9. Reconcile
  10. Dealing in absolutes
  11. You are missing
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