Capacity - single (.wav download)


Capacity - single (.wav download)


For only one lousy Euro you get the song "Capacity" in a .wav format. 

Wait! You mean for 1 cent more than on iTunes, I get CD quality and no mp3?

Yes, you're absolutely right.

Production details:

Words & music: Daniel Balthasar

Vocals: Daniel Balthasar
Backing vocals: Jim Brimeyer, Jimmy Leen, Charles Stoltz
Guitars: Jimmy Leen, Charles Stoltz, Daniel Balthasar
Bass: Sebastian Schlapbe Flach
Piano: Marc Welfringer
Drums: Mich Mootz

Recorded by Werner Pensaert at DAFT Studios and Linster Studios
Assistant: Bob Varo
Mastered by Darcy Proper at Wisseloord Studios

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