Hands over you

Words & music: Daniel Balthasar


The shadow that you cast is so big,
it covers half the world under it,
you look so different but is this really so?

And when you talk the crowd is listening,
but does this make you more authentic?
it makes you just look even more strange to me

I have this feeling about you,
that you are not alone,
there’s somebody else with you

Someone’s above,
looking down,
holding his hands over you so you won’t get dirty

You don’t have to go on talking,
I heart enough to know that I would,
never turn my back without watching out

Imagine us two on an island,
food is rare and water’s running out,
you would push me off a cliff to survive

and what that makes me in your eyes?
just a loss you would be ready to take to get out

you are not different than we,
it just happened to be,
that nobody sees you like I do

20th July 2004


Before I sleep

Words & music: Daniel Balthasar


I have cursed and I have sworn,
damned the day that I was born,
I carried all the world today

Could you tell me something nice before I sleep?
So I can rebuild this world inside my dream,
(just) like I want it

Today I have mostly lost,
and if I won, what was the cost?
I felt the weight of life today

Could you tell me something kind,
that would make me change my mind,
if it’s up to me, I’d do the things so differently

27th-29th July 2004



Words & music: Daniel Balthasar


Snow is falling, covering my track,
one by one, my disappearing steps,
in my head…

As a child I dreamed at night,
woke up and went to school,
now I try to be what I saw,
I think it was you

Rain is falling, wash away my trace,
one by one, the wrinkles in my face,
in my head…

As a man I stayed the same,
just like I was a child,
nothing’s changing, nothing stays the same,
I’m me this time

29th January 2004



Words & music: Daniel Balthasar


One day, one night,
one question unreplied,
once it was evident,
now it’s denied,
action, reaction, consequence

one step, one way,
one special time of day,
first point on your list,
just one thing to say,
full-blooded strike and no defense

It is so simple when you know,
we just go and go

Nothing’s real and
nothing’s true and
maybe yes and maybe no
I can risk it if it’s so

Nothing’s wrong and
you can go and
do the things you want to do
you don’t have to, but I do

One place, one time,
one chance to make it clear,
no words, no game,
no different space than here,
sorry all the damage I caused,

not knowing what I was doing,
sometimes you just see the goal and
you don’t notice the way you’re walking on

17th September 2004

Pale image

Words & music: Daniel Balthasar


No one forced you to escape your simple life,
it would have been easier inside the hive

In the middle of the stream,
we all felt the same, it seems
that we are lost in space somehow

Maybe this is nothing new,
just a pale image of you,
all this has been done before,
even though the stories old,
it needs someone to be told,
or we’re not moving anymore

No one’s over you and no one’s underneath,
in the end, we’re just the product
of the days that we have seized

22nd September 2004



Words & music: Daniel Balthasar


I’m 24,
soon I’m 25 and someday
I’ll be even more

I won’t tell your age,
I know even thinking of it
Puts you into rage

We are getting older,
and we’ll lose our hair,
but don’t worry
we are gaining weight instead

We can trust each other
And we have our friends,
all together we will hold
our cold and skinny hands

I’m 24,
you’re a little more,
added up we’re old enough
to know what life is for

if we stick together,
helping one another,
maybe we can slip past
all the obstacles that bother

30th October 2004


Somehow you

Words & music: Daniel Balthasar


I sat there still and felt a chill,
and I knew that anything could happen,
I broke my chains and cleared my stains,
and knew that anything could happen now

I took a bite of my own pride,
and I knew that I could make a difference,
I took a breath and I stopped to guess,
and I knew that I could make this sentence end

You are different, somehow you,
make me feel I’m different too,
there is some kind of a current running from me to you

We took a step in the same way,
and we knew that everything was changing,
we felt the same without knowing our names,
and we knew that everything was different now

22th April 2005


Empty home

Words & music: Daniel Balthasar


You don’t need someone to fill
an empty home,
you don’t need company to know
you’re not alone,

The objects in your room,
intoning one soft song,
resounding from these walls,
the stories of your life

There’s no void for you to fill
in an empty home,
you can’t cease to feel misplaced,
still you’re welcome here

The pictures on the wall,
your only proof of life,
the silence in these walls,
the noises from outside

09th August 2004


Echoes of life

Words & music: Daniel Balthasar


Look what I’ve done to myself,
I’m locked in my room just by myself,
while they are dancing outside

But I’m here,
weaker than my fears,
only echoes of life getting to my ears,
I need to find a friendly face,
filling up the empty space in here

Look what I’ve done to myself,
I am record put on the shelf,
and there is music outside

Everyone is just a victim
of his incapacity,
everyone is just a victim
of his own insanity

16th August 2004


Song of a dog

Words & music: Daniel Balthasar


I am a dog, I am a dog,
Don’t try to hit me or I’ll bite,

I am a stone, I am a bird,
Don’t try to catch me in my flight,

You’ll never put me in a cage,
There’s too much anger, too much rage,
You’ll never tame me,
I am not the one you should worry about

I am a wolf, I am a dear,
I am lost between there and here,

I am a hunt, I am a chase,
I am lost between time and space,

You’ll never lock me in my room,
I am a flower in its bloom,
I am the only thing
you could be confident about

I am a dog, I am a dog,
Don’t try to hit me or I’ll bite

29th+30th September 2004



Words & music: Daniel Balthasar


Why we’re talking about leaving in a plane,
when we say the world is everywhere the same,
we have found a way to say,
(that) only the past is worth to stay,
there’s no use getting up today

When everything was bad, everything was better,
when everything was bad, everything was better than now

Why we’re talking about leaving in a plane,
when we say the world is everywhere insane,
we are planning our escape, the ideals are losing shape

Because we don’t know what we have,
all the time that we have left,
maybe the best is yet to come,
don’t believe them when they say

Nothing, nothing is better than now

21st February 2005



Words & music: Daniel Balthasar


It is way too early and
It is way too loud in here,
I am way too worried
to get my head clear

you are so very nervous,
what’s wrong?
Did you forget
To take your pill,
You don’t answer my questions,
You sit there still

The world looks so small,
But I feel much smaller in here

Please let this not be
The last time that I put my feet on the ground,
I don’t want to leave like this
Without a sound

I just try to look strong so that you
feel more comfy in your seat,
I’m afraid of heights,
You’re afraid of speed

And I guess in some days we will
Laugh about our stupid and unfounded fears

Maybe there’s a lot I would not miss but
There is even more that I would,
So please let me come down
Like I should

Maybe there’s a lot I would not miss but
There is even more that I would,
So please let us come down
And please let us get out
Like we should

16th July 2004



Words & music: Daniel Balthasar


We try to go back in time
and stay forever in this space
drink out the ocean of the past
that warms our very core

And we dream in our sleep of things we could achieve
if we were given time, chance and strength of mind

We try to go back in time
and feel the comfort of this place
we know that this is all past
but at least it was

And we hold on to this even if we’re doomed to miss

21st Mai 2005